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Mid-Island Geeks is a meet-up group meant as a home for everyone who has a passion about anything on Vancouver Island. Their goal is to become the place to learn and exchange ideas in the area.

Project Name



The look and feel of the logo has to be welcoming and targeted to those who live on the island and are passionate about their skill. They don't have much competition in this market so there were many directions to go with. They want the logo to have a warm, friendly, welcoming, passionate and geeky feel to it, and it will be used in both print and web. They want something that is bright and energetic to get people out of their homes and to get excited during the dark winters of BC.

INDUSTRY: Small business
SERVICES: Branding & logo design



Typographic and icon driven logo. Mid Island Geeks on-top of an illustration of Vancouver Island, you can see the ghosted image of the island silhouette through the lettering.

A more modern and fun concept. Simplistic and could be used for many applications.

Colours: High-energy yellow with a technology driven blue colour scheme. This is a fun group to be a part of and we make sharing a fun and enjoyable experience.



Modern typography logo design. Two EE's in 'GEEK' are eyes with glass represents the traditional geek from all those nostalgic movies*.* I gave it a more playful feel by combining the letters together. The eyes in the 'EE' look up at the speech bubble on the top right. The icon could just as easily be swapped depending on the event in play. For example if a talk on the topic of music was being held you could add a music note in the bubble etc.

Colours: Trendy gradient of blues and greens highlighting the island feel with a friendly forward thinking atmosphere.



Symbol logo concept. This one is more driven towards the speaking and talk portion on the group.

Colours: Electric blue highlighting that this is a young, fresh and friendly environment to discuss general topics of interest.

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