In the late 2010's many businesses started selling cbd oil products. With Arrowsmith Herbal Healing we created a brand that was distinct, clear, and memorable.

Project Name


Many of AHH's clients use the product for relief from pains and other ailments. Others use this product line recreationally. The logo is a reflection of both the locality (Mount Arrowsmith is always looming in the region), as well as the tranquillity one experiences at the top of the heights. 

INDUSTRY: Medical cannibus
SERVICES: Branding & apparel design



These business cards are used both in sales as well as in networking. For this aim, their backside uses a conventional layout to help potential clients quickly parse for the relevant information. The front has a background that has complementary colours in a simple look that is memorable and helps the logo stand out.


The requirements for this concept required four things: First, it had to be calm and serene. Next, it had to have the acronym "ahh". Then, it had to show the mountain and finally it had to have the cannabis leaf. 


The main copy uses Brandon Grotesque as it makes for an excellent compliment to handwritten fonts such as Bellagio. A cursive font was necessary because the illustration of Diego is more organic than structured, and I wanted there to be a more personal feel to the brand. Both these typefaces were also selected for their legibility when scaled down to smaller sizes. When choosing a palette I tried a few blue and green options for the locality of Coombs and its gateway to the Pacific, but we ended up with the orange amber option as these colours compliment Diego's caring and compassionate eyes.