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I have been a designer since 2008 and I have been employed in many roles from small freelance projects to pods and even large product shops, where I have specialized in print and packaging design. Even in these two narrow fields, I've produced artwork and assets for a wide variety of products ranging from food cans to corporate explainer documents, and even children's books. I'm originally from Saskatchewan, but I grew up in the Ottawa River Valley and have worked all across Ontario including a long stint in Toronto.

When you have me on your team, you will not only have a final product that looks amazing, but you will learn about every aspect of the project: From how it will "feel" on the web, how will it actually look when its printed to how will it be used by the public. You can also be confident that I am not stale. I keep constant through research as well as through high-tempo of production. I make modern designs that don't look dated, that are mistake-free, and that come out fast.

Outside of design you'll find strolling in the forest, or experimenting in the garden. Creating beautiful and inspiring things is what I do best.

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